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We are a family owned business that specialise in listening to our customers’ needs, while manufacturing problem ­solving skylights for those difficult situations that arise from time to time.

Sunshine Skylights has been in business for over 29 years. It is our 10 year guarantee on most of our products which gives our customers real peace of mind.

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Extract Heat Directly From Living Spaces

Safe Low Voltage Installation

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10 Year Guarantee on Most Products


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Manufacturers of Quality Skylights for over 29 years!

                                                          Is the heat ‘getting’ to you?
                                                           Are you hot & bothered?
                                            Are you spending a fortune on air conditioning?
                                                   YOUR ROOF SPACE MAY BE THE REASON!

Solar Whiz effectively reduces the heat load on your ceiling and helps you keep the temperature inside the house under control.

Roof temperatures throughout most of Australia often reach 60ºC – 70ºC in the summer months. Solar Whiz replaces the hot air in your roof space with cooler air, allowing your roof space to remain only a few degrees above the ambient temperature.

Solar Whiz can also extract heat directly from living spaces!

The whisper quiet Solar Whiz is designed and manufactured for GES according to industry standards by an experienced motor and fan manufacturer with ISO 9001 accreditation to suit Australian conditions.


SW-RAF900 – 900M³/ Hour – 10 watt – Equivalent to 9 Whirly birds!
SW-RAF1400 – 1400M³/ Hour – 20 watt – Equivalent to 14 Whirly birds!
SW-RAF2100 – 2100M³/ Hour – 35 watt – Equivalent to 21 Whirly birds!

How Does It Work?

Why passive/convection systems are not enough

We all know that hot air rises, but it also expands – in all directions. If you have vents in your roof space they will let warm air out. However, vents only work when the roof space is already warm – and the expanding air starts radiating into your home. Solar Whiz starts when the sun shines on the roof – and therefore prevents the heat from building up.

Not just hot air! Other applications for Solar Whiz

Reduce moisture levels: Solar Whiz is also a very effective way to reduce moisture levels in the roof space. The extraction fan removes moist air, which amongst other damaging effects may cause condensation on the roof – and in extreme cases condensation dripping onto the insulation/ceiling causing damage, such as cracking plaster and peeling paint. A Solar Whiz will also help prevent mould & mildew and protects the roof structure.

Heat extraction from inside the house: Solar Whiz may via a duct (below) remove hot air from specific rooms or areas. It may also be possible to simply place vents in specific rooms and connect the vents into the roof space, which means that the replacement air for the roof space will be partially supplied through these vents.

Where to use Solar Whiz

Solar Whiz can be used across a large number of applications including:

Homes, Sheds, Offices, Consulting rooms, Factories, Warehouse & storage facilities, Schools, Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes etc.

Retrofitting is easy, but every new building should include one or more Solar Whiz fans to improve energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Simple installation

Solar Whiz is powered by a low voltage solar panel and does not require an electrician – or connection to a power point. No wiring means that any handyman can install the Solar Whiz quickly and effectively on the roof. Ask for a copy of our detailed DIY instructions.

What if my roof doesn’t face the sun?

The Solar Whiz can be turned to face the sun no matter which way the roof is facing – so not having a north-facing roof is no problem! The adjustable PV panel mounting allows you to choose a suitable angle (up to 80 degrees) for any pitch – even if your roof faces south.


Solar Whiz is designed for durability in Australian conditions and is backed by a substantial warranty 10 Year warranty on PV panel, 2-year warranty on all other components.


  •  Cools your house
  •  Reduces build up of heat in roof space
  •  Lowers the need for air conditioning
  •  Increases the efficiency of ducted air conditioning systems
  •  No running costs
  •  No carbon emissions
  •  Operates when required (i.e. when the sun is shining)
  •  Quiet operation
  •  Simple installation
  •  Safe low voltage installation
  •  No electrician required
  •  Optional thermostat – ensuring Solar Whiz only cools when the roof space is warm
  •  Optional closing cover for winter to avoid heat loss
  •  Reduction of moisture levels in roof space
  •  Protects against moisture damage to roof structure

All photos’, animations and information on this page courtesy of Global Eco & Environmental Solutions www.solarwhiz.com.au


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